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Gade 7 Entrepreneurs Day

5 April 2019.

Victory Christian School hosted a grade 7 entrepreneurs day and the Corn Dog Team was there to support Chiara, a very pleasant girl with a bright mind.

Chiara and Karen at VCS


Chiara took part in the fasion show and afterwards joined the team where she dug right in and assisted with sales and great customer service.

Chiara and Jaycee at VCS


This was not the first encounter between the Corn Dog Team and Chiara, we met last week at the food Festival. She showed interest in how we operated and arrangements was made for today.

It is truly a pleasure to see that there are young minds out there that knows that one has to work hard and be dedicated if you want to achieve something in life.

It was a great day overall. I was reminded that simple kindness is the best tool that you should have, thank you for that lesson Chiara!

After a successful day we decided that there will be a new face on the team, Chiara will be helping out from time to time at Milkwood Market.

Why not book us for your next function, fundraiser or party.

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