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Festival Time – Melk Fees 30 November to 1 December

Just some of the Yummy things you will find at the Melk Fees ONLY at Milkwood Market.

Mark the date, clear your schedule and go light on the meals this week ! You will be treated to a smorgasbord of home made treats, great baked goods and  the Famous Corn Dogs from Corn Dog Team. Find that something special to put under the Christmas tree from the great selection of Arts and Crafts.

Img 9117 Img 9120 Img 9124 Two corn dogs lying next to a deep fried boerewors on a grid, cooling downImg 9107 Img 9094 Img 9089 Img 9081 Img 9075 Img 9059 Img 9062Img 9118

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