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Hi, and welcome to my website.

My name’s Jaycee Compaan-du Toit. I’m a qualified chef with a love for all types of food, least of which is not American style street food.

It’s this love of cooking and experimenting that led me to doing all sorts of things with my life, including working as a chef at some of South Africa’s finest restaurants (primarily in the Gauteng region).

From here I moved to a small town in the KZN, where my wife, two children and I lived on a farm while I managed a Spar.

Realising that Jesus is the only true Lord, led me to reconsider what’s important in life, which eventually led to my family and I relocating to the small town of Jeffreys Bay, where I serve in a local church, Jeffreys Bay Bible Church. (Listen to our sermons on Podpoint.)

Once here, I got involved in adult education, a job I love, since it allows me to pour into other people’s lives the blessings bestowed upon me.

I started looking at ways to supplement my income, which eventually led to a corn dog experiment which turned into a wildly popular treat with friends, family, and eventually all Jeffreys Bay residents.

The finest ingredients

When you bite into a Corn Dog Team corn dog, you bite into the freshest ingredients, sourced in Jeffreys Bay and woven together by my expert hands.

I source the ingredients for the batter from an old local who supplies only the best quality. I mix this batter to a consistency I settled on after many trial runs. (My friends and family served as guinea pigs, but didn’t mind.)

For the three vienna variations of my corn dog I use everybody’s favourite brand of vienna, while the deep fried Bar One contains, you guessed it, a generous chunk of one of South Africa’s favourite chocolate bars.

There’s also a deep fried cheese stick which gives cheese lovers a lot to chew on.

If you come to the Jeffreys Bay Milkwood Market on a Saturday morning, you can also treat yourself to a deep fried chilli popper, another firm favourite with JBay locals.


Of course, your corn dog experience would be horrible if I didn’t take pains to ensure that my operation is hygienic to the nth degree.

I clean all utensils after a market day, and drain the oil from the friers, after which I clean the friers meticulously.

When I serve your corn dog, it’s done with the utmost care, so as to ensure that we don’t make contact with your food.

This allows you to munch on your favourite corn dog (or deep fried Bar One) with peace of mind.


Although I’m a Milkwood Market regular, I’m available for school function, church function, carnival, bazaars and fairs.

If you’d like me to run a stall selling corn dogs at your function, please contact me.

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